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To find a good quality television is a great challenge, as there are so many LCD television brands introduced globally that it is hard to decide which size and brand is the most suitable one. If you prefer to have an appropriate size of television in your living room then the most suitable size would be 42 HDTV LCD. They are most apposite for a living room because 42 HDTV LCD is big enough that everyone can clearly watch the picture from every angle, whereas on the other hand, it is small enough that it would occupy only some space of your room. It is the perfect size particularly for those families who prefers that their televisions should occupy only a minute space of their room.


            42 HDTV LCD contains full high definition resolution with 1080 pixels. This is reason that it provides a perfect image with various dynamic contrast ratios that assist the images to display vivid and brilliant colors. Its other features include superior quality audio speakers, high quality images, and a sleek body to make your room look stylish and contemporary. The advanced quality speakers let you hear the voice clearly even if you are sitting in the far corner of the living room.  It also consists HDMI inputs and amalgam terminals that are incorporated in it that allow the image to restore in its original form.


            The LCD televisions are highly comfortable to watch. The viewers can watch the television easily even sitting on a distance of 4-7 inches. It is created keeping in mind viewers’ comfort level and fulfilling the expectations of all the consumers.


            LG is providing one of the best 42 HDTV LCD. LG is a highly stylish and elegant brand. LG HDTV has won Germany’s Hot Design award, and has become one of the leading brand in the television industry.  The LG HDTV has a reflective shiny black gloss casing with a matching stand that looks trendy and unique placed in any living room. It has magnificent features and it is very easy to use. The 42 inches LG HDTV is highly well equipped. It features a high definition digital tuner along with an analogue built-in. It has also provided a dual tuner function and its picture in picture feature is flawless. The LG has implemented its XD Engine in the screen that captures a low-resolution pointer and transfers it to a high definition resolution in order to provide an enhanced image.


            The LG HDTV is better than other brands because it provides superior picture quality as compared to other LCD TV brands. It has a variety of functions and outstanding color resolutions. Its “True Motion” technology enables the viewer to easily watch movies, soaps and sports as well as play video games with practically no blur pictures or colors. The television utilizes minimum energy with the help of Energy Star feature. It has terrific contrasts, tints and sharpness levels. It is no doubt a very appealing LCD television for the quality-conscious people.