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Being disabled is definitely very hard. You’ll feel useless and insecure understanding that you cannot have the ability to do certain actions like walking as well as running. Actually, other persons with these particular problems sometimes end up being frustrated constantly and in the worst situation are that they choose to commit to suicide. Unfortunately but it’s the reality. Nonetheless, existence continues to several of them and wheelchairs gave them the desire to do this.


                The wheelchair is certainly the most extensive mobility device ever produced. It's made to help individuals with serious disability to go in one spot to another. Because the wheelchair was initially invented around 1783, it's constantly been enhanced to satisfy anyone's needs. A wheel chair is used by people to access to work or shopping or other travel outdoors. For several people, a wheel chair allows them to take part in races, basketball, and tennis along with other sports. The fundamental wheelchair includes a chair, a backrest, two small front wheels, and two large wheels about the sides along with a foot rest. Approximately all wheelchairs derive from this standard design. Wheelchairs may either be manual or electric.


Manual Electric wheelchairs


                This kind of wheelchair requires human effort to move. For several manual wheelchairs, the necessity of an attendant is essential. Pushing a manual wheelchair needs physical energy and independence too, which can be considered as either an advantage or perhaps a disadvantage. Without a doubt, it will certainly strengthen your upper body and increase your health and fitness including your endurance. Still, for those who have limited strength and endurance, pushing a wheelchair can consume all of your energy in only a matter of time. Studies also reveal that prolong utilization of manual wheelchairs can cause to damaged shoulders or arms that can lead to severe medical problems.


                In addition, a manual wheelchair is simpler to move as it is lighter, more cost-friendly, consistent and much more accessible than an electric wheelchair. Actually, you can purchase a top quality manual wheelchair with only $95. It's also smart idea to possess a manual wheelchair considering the fact that it doesn’t run out of energy or fail because of power shortage.


Electric wheelchairs


                Electric wheelchairs or electric automated wheelchairs are perfect for individuals who have weak muscles and don’t possess the needed strength to push them forward. By using these type users doesn’t need any attendant anymore. It only needs functioning batteries along with a control for this to move. Electric wheelchairs permit you to go anywhere without tiring yourself. They create mobility and independence feasible for customers at any degree of strength, ability, and endurance. One positive thing about this is, it could be modified for user’s convenience. With just a push into its power button, you can simply tilt or recline the seats, adjust its positions and move as freely as you want.


                Electric wheelchairs value varies from $1000 up to $5000 or even more based on its capabilities. It's more costly than manual wheelchairs but it's worth the cost. They're also hard to transport given that they are bigger and heavier. Thus, it'll cost you much for its repair and maintenance.


                Each kind of wheelchair features its own characteristics and disadvantages. Well for those who have a large budget, then you can buy both types. But just in case, you’re only having a small budget, it is best to try the manual one. Remember that whatever type you select, utilize it sensibly with good care.