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Patio chairs are furniture especially designed for outdoor use to resist different weather conditions and stay water proof while drying quickly. Most outdoor furniture is often sold as a set with outdoor table, outdoor chair, and an umbrella. Outdoor wooden furniture must be treated periodically to withstand wet weather elements. The most common types of patio chairs that are sold in the market are made up of plastic, wood teak, aluminum, wicker or rattan, resin, and wrought iron. Teak outdoor furniture naturally contains silica which makes it resistant to fungal decay, fire, acid and alkalis, and there are certain types of oils specifically for the treatment of teak to help resist weather and the adverse effects of extreme temperatures.  Aluminum patio chair is strong and long lasting, however if the protective covering is compromised it will corrode. Plastic furniture is naturally waterproof and is resistant to any type of weather condition all year round. Resin furniture is a surprising environmental choice. It is usually made up of recycled plastic and incredibly durable materials that can last up to 20 years or longer. It can be molded to look like a real wood or wicker. Wicker furniture is excellent patio chairs because of its capacity to handle extreme wet weather conditions while looking beautiful on the deck.  Recently, furniture is made from synthetic resin that increases life expectancy and reducing manufacturing cost.       

Rattan furniture is originally made from the stems of any one of the 600 species of palm found in the tropical areas all over the world. Generally, rattan is processed into several products used in making furniture.  From a strand of rattan, the skin is peeled off and is used as waving materials.  The remaining core is used for various purposes in furniture making. The stems are firmly woven into interlocking panels, and formed into the desired structures. Rattan furniture has a superior quality of material and will deal under extreme pressure of the outside environment. It is also known for its simplicity, beauty and elegance and it upgrades the overall appeal of whatever it is placed and used, whether as indoor or outdoor furniture.  Rattan furniture easily pair up with almost any theme of the garden, from the landscape to the other outdoor furniture already present. It is flexible and lightweight, and therefore it is easy to move from one place to the other depending on the weather conditions.Since rattan furniture sets are intended to be placed outside the home and should provide a more relaxing way to stay in, they should be well maintained and properly cleaned.  For general cleaning, mix wood oil soap with water, and use a soft scrub brush to clean your furniture. Be sure to rinse your furniture thoroughly after. You can wash your furniture at least once every week using a hose of water to remove build up of dirt.  You can preserve the luster and appearance and prevent early aging of the furniture by using vinyl or plastic material to cover the furniture.